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Beginnings and Facts

Investments and business building

This Mirror Trading International Review is based upon the following:

• Mirror Trading International was founded and established during the early part of 2019, and to date is recognized as one of the top-ranking Investment Companies.
• MTI invests in the Forex Markets by utilizing Artificial Intelligence when conducting trades and has an enviable track record of being the next big thing in the world of trade.
• With C.E.O. Johan Steynberg at its helm, Mirror Trading International has exclusive rights as a registered company in South Africa.

Facts do matter and it’s therefore important to take all facts into consideration:

• Mirror Trading International is a registered South African company with registration number# 2019/205570/0720.
• FX Choice is IFSC (International Financial Services Commission) registered with registration number# IFSC/60/191/TS/160.

• This in turn means that the IFSC is responsible for regulating all financial markets and ensures full insurance on all trades conducted.
• Being part of MTI for quite some time already, having personally met Johan Steynberg himself, and baring witness to the actual trading algorithm done by the AI, lends credence to the fact that this is truly an exceptional and viable platform when it comes to investments.
• At a conservative and generous estimated average of 0.5% per day, accumulating to an approximate average of 10% interest earned monthly over the course of a year, estimates huge earning potential for all interested, and more than what any other savings plan may guarantee.
• In the image provided, MTI provides daily trading reports as proof of trades that can be retraced at any time.  EVERY penny invested with MTI is traded on and return again comes from the Forex markets.

• MTI also offers an affiliate program that allows anyone to build a business and thus generating a home based income stream for oneself, by receiving referral, binary and leadership bonuses.

So how does this work?
• Scrolling down the page you'll find a few pics and videos containing factual information...

So what's my verdict on Mirror Trading International?

• It's a real company with an actual physical address and not just a fly-by night website that cannot be traced.
• Each and every dime profit made or lost is made or lost through trade and comes from the trading results not from the pocket of any of MTI’s investors themselves.
• This makes it 100% sustainable and a true investors company with 100% insurance on all BitCoin invested... Oh, have I mentioned it's in Bitcoin? even better!!!

• I can proudly invite people over to MTI since the proof is in the trading.
• You DO NOT need to be a trader, broker or have any trading experience as it's all done by the broker on behalf of MTI.

• For more info on MTI, please see an interview with the CEO Johan Steynberg himself to get a better idea of what MTI is all about and better understand the trading methods applied!

Please Note! I'm not giving you financial advise, but I'm sharing my experience and facts gathered.


Watch the space!

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M.T.I has more than one address. 43 plein Street, Stellenboch and 196 Main Road, Strand

Typical Trading Day

This is how the income is devided


More Than a 1000 Signups per day!!

C.E.O and founder of MTI

The most transparent CEO of such a company!

The registered address

Without hesitation a publicly known address throughout South Africa



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Interview with Johann Steynberg

Listern how he explains precisely how the trades are done


Interview with Johann Steynberg  2


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